The Guide To D2C Marketing

This article will take you through the world of e-commerce marketing and how you can make the most out of it in the changing scenarios.

So let’s dive in, shall we?


What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of a shopping spree?

Let me go first, scrolling through a screen filled with endless options! Sound familiar?

Going door to door, from outlet to outlet is old school and Gen Z’s demands are all about omnipresent options that do the work as well as don’t disturb their packed schedule.

These omnipresent options are D2C brands(Direct To Customer).

The concept of D2C brands eliminates the presence of middlemen and establishes a one-on-one relationship between the brands and customers.


Now, you have an idea for your brand, a team to look over operations and marketing, and maybe a bunch of followers over social media to spread the word but how do you make it last? How do you birth a brand that people love and trust?

To be honest, there are no set rules to become the “Brand King” but if the above questions interest you then keep reading!






UGC(User Generated Content) is the way to go! Keep your brand surrounded by people who trust your products and services.

These people are the unannounced flag bearers who represent your products out of loyalty. 

Why do you need them, you ask?

 Brand advocates :


  • helps you understand the virtual market,
  • strategize towards brand goals,
  • Increase your customer outreach,
  • helps in expanding business


A major percentage of online consumers rely on review posts and images before investing in some kind of product and service. 


Social media will connect you with creators that will bring forward marketing ideas to ensure a faster customer outreach.

Influencer Marketing is the new game and one that has shown results. Make your team of influencers that will highlight your product details within their community. 

Customers are much more rational than old times and like to go to the depth of a product in terms of raw materials used, manufacturing process, etc., give them a good reason to pick yours.

They are the ones to spread word of mouth in literal terms.





Rational customers study market trends before acquiring any product or service.  The thin line that differentiates customer and brand engagement comes from what the brand wants to sell and what the customers want to buy. 

Study the market trends before beginning with the production process. 

The customer service begins with when one enquires to buy your product to the time after they make a purchase. Stick around for their feedback and any kind of post-purchase service that the customers are entitled to.

The buying process needs to be as frictionless as possible.

Product personalization also adds a nice touch to the packages, it is a representation of how much you appreciate your customers.

Also, make sure to reward them in the form of coupons and brownie points which will encourage more shopping in the future.

Today’s consumer is rational and wants to get as much information as possible about the products and services they invest their money on. Build a community that your consumers believe in, product transparency is the way to go. Invite them into your space and introduce them to the process of how their favorite product comes into being.

Reports have shown that customers are more likely to buy from brands that have transparency as their business goals.

Building a community takes time, but make sure that your business ideas are dynamic and adaptable to the changing market and for that one needs to have a clear, consistent brand philosophy that reflects all across your marketing channels.



As a D2C brand, you are supposed to be active and on your feet all the time. When all of your business is digital and customer interaction is mostly online, social media plays an important role.


Social media can be a blessing in disguise for an upcoming brand, here is how :


  • Recognize the potential customers and sort them to your media list where you can reach them with new offers and launches.
  • Stay active on your social media handles. A small task such as replying to positive comments can help form one-on-one consumer relationships. Want to know the wonders social media marketing can do for a brand? Keep reading! Glossier, a beauty brand started in 2014 and has millions of followers over Instagram and Twitter. Even before the official launch of their products, they had 125 Instagram posts and over 13,000 followers, all thanks to the Social Media Campaigns! This example only forms a basis of the magic that social media is capable of! Social media posts engage your followers while broadcasting your brand message at the time


Email Marketing goes hand in hand with D2C marketing when there are no third-party retailers and the brand has direct access to customers’ demands.


With D2C, you are in control of the process, from welcome emails to order confirmation to customer feedback, everything can be done by the brand and more importantly in a way that the customers appreciate.

It also enables the brand to stay connected with its potential customers.  Automated email flows drive a huge chunk of a brand’s revenue. It increases the chance of customer indulgence on your product site as well as social media handles.

This way as a brand you get an opportunity to work over the loose ends and to stay firm in the market there shouldn’t be any!

Connect with them by sending periodic emails to initiate customer indulgence around brand resources, it can be during a sale, giveaways, etc.

If you don’t want to come forward as a self-centered brand then make sure to pop in their mailboxes during festivals and celebrations. A beautifully crafted best wishes card goes a long way. It puts you up high on the brand chart that cares for its customers while getting their business done.




Recognize your audience and their personalities, research market trends, and pay attention to what the customer wants.


For example, while working on the brand website it’s imperative to keep in mind the following pointers :


  • adapt visually beautiful designs,
  •  represents your brand ideology,
  • is thoughtful and diverse,
  • attracts the visitors to stay on your site,

One such way to ensure customer engagement is to opt for Living Experts.

Hard to understand? Let me help you!


Living experts are individuals who have a direct relation with the product and services you are offering. 

For example, if a brand is offering services and products primarily for women then they should have women in their team while designing their website and product. This makes sure that your customer outreach programs reach the right audience.


: “Rhyme: The Sneaky Secret to Winning Trust and Staying Memorable”




Ab ki baar…..
you know what comes next don’t you?

Unlocking the secrets of what makes information believable and memorable can be a game-changer in the world of marketing and advertising. In a fascinating study, researchers delved into the power of rhyming and its impact on credibility. The results were mind-blowing, highlighting the untapped potential of this simple yet effective technique.

Rhyming and Credibility: A Surprising Connection



Picture this: a group of participants split into two teams, both given different versions of a saying. One team received a non-rhyming proverb, while the other was presented with a rhyming alternative conveying the same message.

Can you guess what happened next? Astonishingly, the rhyming saying was deemed 22% more believable than its non-rhyming counterpart. It turns out, our brains are wired to perceive rhymes as truth, paving the way for enhanced credibility.

Unleashing the Memorability of Rhyme



But wait, there’s more! Curious minds wanted to explore whether rhyming had the power to make information stick in our minds.
So, another study was conducted, where participants were exposed to a mixture of rhyming and non-rhyming phrases early in the day.

Later, when quizzed about what they could recall, the results were astounding. The rhyming phrases were not only remembered but were twice as likely to be retained compared to their non-rhyming counterparts. Rhyme becomes a secret weapon for unforgettable messaging.

The Neglected Strategy: Rhyme in the Advertising World



Intriguingly, despite the proven advantages of rhyming, the advertising industry seems to have turned a blind eye to its potential. Why, you may ask? The disconnect between advertising agencies and brands plays a significant role. Agencies often strive to impress clients by presenting complex and convoluted strategies, a guise of sophistication that justifies their fees. Sadly, this leads to the neglect of simple yet powerful techniques, such as rhyming, that can genuinely captivate audiences.

Closing thoughts:



In a world where marketing tactics constantly evolve, it’s vital not to overlook the simple yet potent strategies at our disposal. Rhyming has proven itself as a force to be reckoned with, boosting credibility and ensuring that your message remains ingrained in the minds of your audience. It’s time for marketers and copywriters to recognize the untapped potential of rhyme and embrace it as a valuable tool for engagement and success.